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Recreational Culture as a Tool to Prevent Risk Behaviours

TRAVELS – Tourism, Recreation and Violence: A European Level Study

EFE - European Family Empowerment

Drug Related Emergencies

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The IREFREA network was founded in 1988 with experts from several European countries and it is one of the oldest professional drug networks. The Spanish group has had the scientific leadership of the different research projects since the group’s initiation. The areas covered by IREFREA include alcohol and drug prevention (research, evaluation and programme implementation) covering questions like risk factors, risky behaviours, related violence and programmes efficiency among others.

members are very active in several professional and scientific arenas, having been invited to collaborate with organizations including EMCDDA, EC, NIDA , UNODC and the PNSD (Spanish National Plan on Drugs) and actively participate in networks such as Eurocare, EU-SPR, DC&D and The Civil Society Forum on Drugs.

EUSPR Conference 2013
The 4th International Conference of the EUSPR will take place on the 13th-15th of November 2013 in Paris, France.
Club Health - Lisbon 2015
Club Health anounces the celebration of the 9th International Conference on nightlife, substance use and related health issues to be held in Lisbon, Portugal, from the 17th-19th of June 2015.
IREFREA launches a Family Prevention platform to engage family organizations and professionals working in the field to actively participate networked in the prevention of risks that affect youngsters.
Programa de prevención escolar
Healthy and Safer Nightlife of Youth
The Healthy Nightlife Toolbox (HNT)
Is an international initiative that focuses on the reduction of harm from alcohol and drug use among young people.
Prevención Basada en la Evidencia - PBE
Es una iniciativa de SOCIDROGALCOHOL para promover la incorporación de programas de prevención que hayan demostrado su eficacia.
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